God First, your Marriage Second, your Children Third…

I will start my first real post with this very controversial statement. Those of you who are religious will immediately understand it, those who aren’t so religious may or may not. This comment was said by Alexis, an OC Housewife. When she said it I immediately understood it, even though I’m not “religious” per se. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I will say I don’t agree with it at all at an emotional stand-point… but do understand the logic of it.

The logic: pretty much you need to tend to your marriage to make it strong in order to raise your children TOGETHER as a family, and not two different parents who happen to be married. If you have a strong marriage, your lines of communication will be stronger and more open, you will be united, and because of stronger lines of communication you will be able to settle any difference you have therefore making your marriage more united and stronger. As a result, you will be become better parents to your children(who are third on the list). This is a very simplified explanation of this priority list.

From my very own emotional stand-point: I’m very sorry but I cannot put my husband over my child. Nugget is literally part of me… growing 10 months in MY body, being literally connected to me for almost a year. Bringing her home from the hospital and taking care of her night and day 24/7 365. This connection is so much stronger than one I have with my husband, and will always be stronger than that with my husband… so it would be very difficult for me to put her “last” on my list. I’m sure my husband would agree in putting her second, and I wouldn’t harbor any resentment for that. I would be interested in knowing the priority list in other people’s lives… so if you’re reading this… let me know. 🙂


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